Saturday, March 9, 2013


It means unconditional love and nurturing, representing compassion. It relates to understanding, giving and receiving of nurturing.
§  Pink is feminine and romantic, affection and intimate, thoughtful and caring.
§  It is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity.
§  It is a sign of hope
§  It puts people in touch with their nurturing side of themselves, through either the need to receive or to give, nurturing and TLC (tender loving care)
§  It signifies good health and uncomplicated emotions.
Positive traits- unconditional and romantic love, compassion and understanding, nurturing, romance, warmth, hope, calming, sweetness, naiveté, feminine and intuitive energy.
Negative traits- being-over emotional, over-cautious, having emotional neediness or unrealistic expectations, being immature and girlish, lack of will power and lack of self-worth.
A combination of red and white- pink contains the need for action of red, helping it to achieve the potential for success and insight offered by white. It is the possession power of red softened with the purity openness and completeness of white. The deeper the pink the more passion and energy it exhibits.  Combining pink with other darker colours such as dark blue, dark green, black or gray, adds strength and sophistication to pink.
§  Blush- similar to skin colour, this very pale pink has sensual and asexual connotations.
§  Rose pink- is the pink of universal love and amity, mature, feminine and intuitive.
§  Salmon pink- there is a touch of orange in it, encourages the flirt and is seen as sign of the timid lover, all talk and no play.
§  Orchid- is an unusual lavender-pink and relates to the unconventional and the the individual doing his or her own thing.
§  Fuchsia- a blend of deep pink and blue, it inspires confidence, assurance and maturity, a more responsible and controlled nurturing love.
§  Hot pink- more passionate, playful and sensual love. It exudes warmth and happiness and a love of life.