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Moofa one of her collections
   Hi beautiful people, new week new things. Today's designs is from the MOOFA label. The designer behind this brand of clothes is Fashola Olayinka a graduate of Sociology from Olabisi Onabanjo University and the creative director of MOOFA. About her inspirations *My major inspiration comes from my fabric, my environment, and most importantly the diversity of my client's choice*.
Beverly Nana and a Model wearing one of the collections
The label is characterized as being classic with a twist for today's modern woman who love bold, contemporary and edgy pieces that provide directional styling for her wardrobe. These trans-seasonal pieces are timeless and multi-functional with a style and cut that always flatter the feminine silhouette. 
These are a few collections from her spring/summer 2012 "Tribal Grandeur Collection"   
Millen at the MMR
For the 2nd edition of the annual fashion and music event "Music Meets Runway(MMR)", the co-host Millen Magesse wore one of her collections.
At the last AMVCA event celebrities decided to rock her collections well for the red-carpet.

Michelle Dede
Rita Dominic
Moofa's with colorful 2012/2013 collection "Swan Addiction" (LOOK BOOK)                       Which is inspired by the female silhouette. Fashion is a medium of expression.                         This suggests that there is always a story being told.            Sparkling reflections of natures beauty accent sensual silhouettes structured ensembles of tulle, taffeta, laces, leather and chiffon was used to create the pieces of this collection.
What do you think of her designs?
            I like my money right where I can see it.........hanging in my closet*Carrie Bradshow* Sometimes you got to check out some of these designer's collections ,or maybe create your own outfit through this concept and at the same time appreciate her work.

Have a nice day!
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