Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hi lovely ones hope you having a great week, for me last week was not funny because I was a bit sick and I can’t believe what I posted for the past weeks did not publish while some did publish half-half, that’s a result of bad network plus body been stressed out but at end of last week, I will say, I had fun, I went swimming with my girlfriends Favour and Wari. That am grateful, it’s not easy to be alive because someone somewhere is struggling with his/her last breath. So I guess there’s a reason for everything. For this week, I will be posting all the blogs I wanted to post- that means all in a day including Tres Belle 101 & 102, re-posting Red Color and Eddy’s style because some things didn’t come out.
            This week be grateful for all you have, all that you have achieved in life, for those that came into your life and went out, leaving some bad and good memories, just be GRATEFUL. Have a Nice Day ahead.

Thanks For Visiting My Blog *Kisses*
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