Friday, May 3, 2013


Today's series on designer show, is on House of Nwocha. 
Hse of Nwocha is a label, agency, and brand that creates an elegant and sophisticated wears, thereby catering to fashion forward women who love to look good. At Hse of NWOCHA there is a selection of styles divided into two groups;The casual wear for everyday, weekends and cocktails while the other is the couture line for dinners, awards and events. Their clothes are very elegant, sexy, practical and youthful while being feminine and unique.
House of Nwocha, has participated in several events and shows and has showcased its creativity on different platforms locally and internationally, most recent being the Washington DC Fashion Week (DCFW), Arise Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW) and the African Fashion Week London (AFWL) just to name a few.


Bold color choices are made by those of us who know what we are doing or perhaps just think we know what we are doing. We at least know what we

Your Outfit+ Your Style=You

Its weekends and most times, the are great stress for some us if not planned out well. Its a time to rest and also relax our mind and body while forgetting that office-work exist;just have your fun and be happy. Thinking of the weekend alone, makes you start planning on what to do, where to go and what to wear. Yea Outfits! If possible, even start planning your outfits for the week.

Below some mix 'n' match tips to help plan your week's outfits
Running around/errands
Happy hour party
Red carpet event
Dinner Lady in Red
Try a wedding reception
Office outfit
I know is friday but just keep it in mind..... And try having fun while you mix 'n' match

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Touch of Red

Its actually been a while, my laptop has been fucking up, so I haven't been able to do anything. Its always rare when you find yourself doing somethings and you get surprised by your action. It happens to be my birthday but if I was told that I was going to be on the road ,  wouldn't have believed it: but here i am....... 


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