Friday, February 28, 2014

♥♥♥♥Sisters' Trad♥♥♥♥

Hello lovely people, what's happening? The anticipated traditional marriage of my sister came to pass and it was successful. Still trying to get the pictures but will just share the ones I took with my phone. 
Another thing, I like my make-up and I did it looked more beautiful in a photo shop.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Skirt Length

This season is about high and low skirt, you wonder which one brings out your shape more,which one suits well for which occasion.....amidst this, knowing the one that brings out your shape and works more for you, helps to know which skirt length to go for.

Red Floral

Hi everyone, hope you've been good, I have been super-busy that's why I haven't had the chance to do anything here. I hope to always create time to come here.
I've had this old ♥ floral vintage skirt for a while now but I decided to match it with this red top from Guess with a black pump, and yes I made my once in a while braid, but this time with a black extension. 


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