Friday, May 3, 2013


Bold color choices are made by those of us who know what we are doing or perhaps just think we know what we are doing. We at least know what we

When it comes to color this season, you're in the captain's seat. Some sort of palette dominates the spring fashion  lines each year -- neutrals and sand-blasted looks were hot last year -- but this spring, it's tough to pinpoint one specific group of hues as the trend.
Even Brides cant let go
Every color is on trend.
If you only want to wear a little bit of color, try a bright piece of jewelry or an eye-catching pair of heels. Opt for a soft floral pattern or a mix of pastels if you're shy about bold prints.           
Feeling a little adventurous? Embrace the color-blocking trend and wear all of your favorite solid-color pieces together. Wild? Absolutely!

Have a lovely day!
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