Thursday, April 25, 2013


Is another year again, a girl is actually growing up, tomorrow is my birthday. Am so glad/happy. Been alive is good and you need to thank God but been alive up to this level I am, is the more reason why I have to be grateful to him, all the days of my life. I decided to hang-out this night with.......(Not saying anything,conclude yourself).
I decided to wear this dress ,actually tailored, and I just like the color.    
I know of course the picture is kind of dull, it was a bit dark, my camera wasn't good, decided to use my sisters phone.     So    I guess that's why the picture came out this way. But I just had to snap..........even though I still have the scar from the accident I had.   
What do you think?

What I wore?
Purse*Dorthy Perkins* 
Sandal*Runway Collection*


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