Sunday, April 7, 2013


Time have passed since "Ada is a girl- an old saying, lol" but now "Ada is a lady. The same goes to my knowledge and fashion sense. I have come to realize that, most times fashion is not necessarily about labels and brands but about something else that comes from with you. So even if what you are wearing cost next to nothing, wear it like its a million bucks.        
This has made me not to waste a good out on an insignificant day or place, so am always in my simple outfit and content "I am what I wear". Anyway enough of blah!!!!!! This are my old pictures but I intend to start posting about my daily outfit but till then..................60% loading

What do you think of it........ You can smile or laugh is allowed.
Fashion is all about trial and error *Stella*
Have a nice day ahead.


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