Saturday, April 6, 2013


Behind all the intricate detail and distinguished tailoring of Iconic Vanity Label is Creative Designer Nancy Nwadire. Nancy's interest in fashion was inspired by the handmade garments of her mother while growing up.
Iconic Vanity Label was Founded in 2009, a luxury lifestyle brand that encapsulates a unique blend of African heritage beautifully converged with the Western influences within the high fashion industry.
A superior brand of exquisite design, the latest Spring/Summer 2013 collection – "Luxury Sweet Candy" is an exuberant display of luxury fabrics, infinite detail, creative embellishment
and sophisticated bead work typical of the contemporary yet wearable glamor the brand attributes to the wardrobe of the discerning woman.                
Designer with models on runway
First seen at the MTN Lagos Fashion & Design week 2012 runway, its full of vibrant colors that oozes classic glamor in every sense as the theme applies *Luxury Sweet Candy* ranging from playful jumpsuits to slightly more formal pieces.                       
Celebrities Rocking The Designs on Red Carpet.
Nancy wearing one of her designs
At the Africa Movie Cured Choice Awards; Biola rocking two outfits from the label; Nancy rocking one of her designs;   
Nichole Galiziza  and a model
Omotola on one of the collections
Omotola wearing one of the designs in London at Amina world Premiere.
Not to be left out is the Hollywood Starlet*Nichole Galiziza* wore of the designs from the runway at *Life is Amazing*movie premiere in California.

Keep an eye on this label! What do you think of the designs.

You have a lovely day!

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