Saturday, June 29, 2013


Jumpsuits are one piece garments, which cover your torso and your legs. Usually worn by mechanics, parachuters and sky-divers. But it has now become a trend. This season is for Jumpsuits(common name) or rompers or playsuits, whatever you want to call it. Its best you know how to choose a jumpsuit for your body shape so you won't have to look like a janitor or engineer about to step into the field.

               Jumpsuits has become popular and the style can be amazing, its an option for both casual and special occasions. There are zillion styles of jumpsuits for any taste and preferences.

Wearing Jumpsuits
*Adding accessories with neutral color~ for simple and stunning look

*Wear in Prints~ for feminine finish

*Jumpsuits as shorts~no need for extra tops


*Mixing it up with blazers/jackets
*Belt effect~for sophisticated and ultra modern look
*Like Celebs~prefer it to a gown


So how would you want to wear yours, and if you don't have one yet, maybe you should try and get one.

Photo Source: BellaNaija/ Around the web

Have a nice day!

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