Saturday, June 1, 2013

Studio 3ple Star

    Hi, its been a while I blogged, and funny how I get to start missing it, was a little ...... Anyway, how are you all doing, guess its been stressful doing one thing or the other but that's what makes life interesting.

Anyway, its actually been a while I went to a studio, one morning I found myself thinking about it so I decided to visit.  
For my outfit, the yellow native attire,if you notice is the star material that's kind of in vogue especially the yellow,blue and red colour, for me I decided to add the 3 different colours for one outfit little-by-little with chiffon material to make the gown.  I think I prefer the other colours of the star material*will do a post on that later*   
After that, I wore my tiny-polka dot top paired with a H&M skirt for office but decided to snap with it too.


What I wore
Yellow gown*tailored*
Polka Top*Thrifted*

Have a nice day
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