Sunday, June 2, 2013

Before The Big Yes---Bold Issues

   Before the big proposal, before saying the big word Yes, have you ever taken your time to stop and think of what you really want in marriage. Most times, you think about how beautiful your friend looked on her wedding gown, and you wish you were the one putting it on, you want to be in her shoe. But its nice to dream big but......check this....
Do you and your spouse agree together on this major make or break issues
*Relationship with God
Check again if you or your spouse
*emotionally accessible
*Love(listens to each others opinions and concerns, over-look his/her faults and failings, values them and expresses it itself through kindness)
*With different background, are you comfortable in the same social and spiritual settings
For a happy marriage, evaluate these things because they are vital

Have a nice night!
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