Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Hello What's up dear. Today happened to be my first day in school, I registered for a fashion and design course, so happy and I wanted to go simple which is always me...I need to upgrade. 

 I got this FIORELLI bag from my sister's friend as a gift so excitedly I decided to carry it, I wore a basic white tee with a denim and my Next sandals (the color works for me in a way), funny enough I felt cold so I decided to go with the scarf and it just served me right...the air-condition in the classroom was more than Korean cold weather, the one that makes you feel speechless.
 Anyway, I enjoy the class it was fun, interactive and practical , worth the pay I think.

What I Wore
Sandals ~ next
Bag ~ Fiorelli
Tee & Denim ~ Oldie

You take charge and have a nice day
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