Monday, February 25, 2013


In this life, sometimes your love ones or friends or spouses make mistakes that you can’t even understand, is like unbearable , you don’t understand why they took that decision and you can’t find yourself forgiving them; but that makes them human. Nobody is perfect and you aren’t too. Count the number of times you made wrong decisions and wronged God but he didn’t judge you forever, he forgave you immediately you apologized.
                Let’s find it in our heart to forgive them for the wrong choices they have made. Nothing is new in this life, sometime somewhere it must have happened, so all we have to do is just FORGIVE.
My wish for you as you enter into this new week, is to forgive and let go of some things, you never might know where your blessings will be coming from.
Have a lovely week.
Thanks For Visiting My Blog *Kisses*
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